Practical Suggestions

[Infographic] – Learn How to Change Your Breathing to Change Your Mood

Do you know how to breathe to reduce your social anxiety, or anxiety of any kind, for that matter? Gotta be honest: I didn’t. Anyway, breathing works to change your mood. And this infographic shows you how to breathe in different ways to improve your relaxation:  “Breathing Techniques That’ll Help You Get a Handle on

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The Ultimate Guide to Popular Social Anxiety Treatments (Plus A Shocking Revelation)

Did you know cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) now is half as effective at treating social anxiety as it was in the 1970s? Researchers Tom Johnsen and Oddgeir Friborg found this after analyzing 70 studies using CBT from 1977-2014. They believe it’s because of the “placebo effect.” When CBT was new in the 1970s, it seemed

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How to Effortlessly Put a Quick End to Awkward Silences

Silence. This crazy video has 10 hours of it. See how long it takes before you go nuts: Everyone finds silence “bad.” Why? What’s so horrible about silence? For much of my life, I’ve thought the same. 10 seconds of silence and I’m screaming inside. Is it because you don’t know what’ll happen? Are you so uncomfortable

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