Why You Stay Anxious and Feel Stuck…Even After Trying to Heal Your Social Anxiety

It happens to everyone with social anxiety disorder. Even me. After days, weeks, and months of exhausting work that sends your anxiety through the roof…you suddenly realize you feel just as anxious as you always did. You feel┬álike you’ve not made it anywhere. You feel ashamed. Like a failure. Why’d you even decide to try

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Enormous Win in Anxiety-Provoking Group Situations (And How It Happened)

Last week, I went to a professional networking event..and I had a great time! Now, ask me about networking a week before, and I’d have told you I hated it. “What a complete waste of time those damn events are,” you’d hear. In fact, just a couple weeks prior, I went to a different networking

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10 Signs Your Social Anxiety is Reducing

Anxiety recovery is something that can be incredibly confusing and difficult, even for those who are very far along the road. Many people may wonder if they are even making any progress with their anxiety recovery at all. So, for those who are unsure, and for those who are simply having a difficult time, here

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