Calming Your Mind

[Infographic] – Learn How to Change Your Breathing to Change Your Mood

Do you know how to breathe to reduce your social anxiety, or anxiety of any kind, for that matter? Gotta be honest: I didn’t. Anyway, breathing works to change your mood. And this infographic shows you how to breathe in different ways to improve your relaxation:  “Breathing Techniques That’ll Help You Get a Handle on

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Should You Smoke Marijuana To Reduce Your Anxiety?

What do Barack Obama, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, Stephen Colbert, Jay Z, John Kerry, George Soros, and Bill Gates have in common? They’ve all publicly admitted to smoking weed: Few mention why. But they did do it. Why do most people smoke it? 10 reasons: Medicinal purposes For THC’s euphoric and hallucinogenic effects To

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Causes of Social Anxiety: Catastrophic Thinking

Many different tools and techniques exist that help to reduce anxiety, and here is yet another one that somebody can try to manage. Catastrophic thinking is something that almost all anxiety sufferers tend to engage in, however, it seems in particular that this kind of thinking has a particularly large impact on those afflicted by

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