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How to Effortlessly Put a Quick End to Awkward Silences

Silence. This crazy video has 10 hours of it. See how long it takes before you go nuts: Everyone finds silence “bad.” Why? What’s so horrible about silence? For much of my life, I’ve thought the same. 10 seconds of silence and I’m screaming inside. Is it because you don’t know what’ll happen? Are you so uncomfortable

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14 Things To Remember if You Love a Person with Social Anxiety Disorder

At its worst, social anxiety disorder makes life an isolating hell for the person with it. If you love a person with this condition, you may feel frustrated, exhausted, and searching for answers. You don’t know how to help. They won’t communicate with you. At parties, they stand timidly behind you. Or they find a

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26 Surprising Things People Don’t Know You Do Because Of Fear and Anxiety

Andre Agassi, easily one of tennis’ top two players in the 1990s, and now worth around $175 million, famously said this in his 2006 autobiography Open: I play tennis for a living even though I hate tennis, hate it with a dark and secret passion and always have. Everything looked good for Andre. But secretly on the

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