Melt your anxiety away with secure, private journaling software

Optional password-protection and encryption guarantee your journal’s secrecy

How do you grow past your anxiety? Your journal works as one of your most potent tools.

Writing your anxious thoughts down releases the tenacious stranglehold they have over you.

Your anxiety goes away. Your clarity increases. You make better decisions. And happiness and peace flow in.

You’ll see your own growth. And that boosts your motivation.

I’ve journaled for nearly 15 years now. I use this journal. And it keeps me focused on moving forward. So my anxiety doesn’t grow.

8 benefits of The Journal software versus a Word doc or notebook

Honestly, you can journal in the way you feel most comfortable. I’m not going to force any approach on you.

…But you might like The Journal versus a Word Doc or ye-old-fashioned paper notebook (or any software) because it has much more functionality, responsive support, and is ultra-reliable.

Check out its eight top benefits:

  1. Tag your entries with keywords and categories so you can easily find what you wrote on a certain topic (even stuff from years ago)
  2. Start creating entries in minutes without a steep learning curve, while also including advanced features you can learn as you use the software
  3. Include rich media like audio, video, photos, images, and more so you can journal however you want (no need to become a superstar writer)
  4. Easily make back-ups to the cloud, an external hard drive, or your own FTP server so you never lose your entries
  5. Attach any information you want. Drag and drop spreadsheets, word docs, or any document type into your entries.
  6. Simultaneously become a blogger. Publish your journal entry straight to your public blog (only if you want).
  7. You’ll rarely ever have technical problems. The first Journal Software made its debut in 1995. David Michael has had more than 20 years to address all bugs.
  8. You won’t find a more secure journal. Period. Each entry is encrypted. Set your password security as high as you want. No one reads your journal without your permission.

Try The Journal free for 45 days

You can try The Journal risk-free for 45 days. No need to share your credit card information.

Just download The Journal to find out if you like it. If you don’t, simply do nothing. And you won’t be charged.

If, on the other hand, you want to let go of anxiety and replace it with more serenity, joy, connection, and confidence, you might want to try it:


Get The Journal for Just $64.95

(One-time charge only. No subscription fee.)

Try Risk-Free 45-Day Trial

(100% free. Download immediately. No credit-card info required.)

Special Note: The Journal works on any Windows PC, laptop, tablet, or notebook. If you’re a Mac user, you can download Windows emulators like VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox (both free) to use The Journal.

Get The Journal for Just $64.95

(One-time charge only. No subscription fee.)

Try Risk-Free 45-Day Trial

(100% free. Download immediately. No credit-card info required.)


  • 100% private and secure
  • Automatically back your journal up to the cloud, external hard drive, or FTP server
  • Search your entries
  • Schedule reminders for tasks/appointments
  • Sync multiple copies installed on your laptops and tablet PCs etc…
  • Import from Evernote, Penzu, and other popular software
  • Save as you work – no need for manual saving
  • Spellcheck
  • Thesaurus
  • Stopwatch/countdown timer
  • Make your own templates
  • Easily move to a new computer by restoring from your old backup
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • License allows you, and your immediate family to install copies on all computers where you are the primary user


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