Make $30 – $120 per hour writing online from the comfort of your own home

Online writing? I decided to “take the plunge” and do it six years ago. And since then, I’ve bought a house, car, and own two expensive Great Danes. I made $60 -$70 per hour when first starting (a far cry from the $13 per hour at my previous job), and make much more today.

I lead a lifestyle that makes me happy. It supports both my wife and I.

No. I’m not rich. Nor am I bragging.

I simply want to show you this is a genuine opportunity.

Average people just like you and I can make a decent (sometimes lucrative) living writing online.

Why is online writing so lucrative?

You’ve noticed the information explosion online. It’s where you go first before making a purchase. So, that’s where businesses want to be.

They need writers so they can generate more sales. Believe it or not, writing persuasive sales copy is a rare talent. No college teaches it. Many business pros try to do it – and then realize it’s not easy.

Demand definitely won’t fall anytime soon.

…And that’s where you come in.

No experience necessary. Work from home. No boss. Set your own hours. Work as much or as little as you want.

When I started, I had no professional writing experience. Absolutely zero. I had a degree in computer networking, and two in social work.

All I had was love for writing. And I knew this because I couldn’t wait to write research papers in college. And I got good grades every time.

…But you don’t even need that. All you need is interest – and a little talent.

What’s so great about writing online from home? 

For me, my social anxiety was high when I began. Working in an office was not an option. Failure in employment was certain.

So it made sense to work from home where I felt comfortable.

I could use a talent I enjoyed, and get paid decently for it. Within two months, I had replaced my salary as a therapist for autistic children (no joke), and left the grasp of a demanding and unappreciative employer.

With this system, you could get going even faster than that.

The commute is nice – just a few steps from your bedroom to your office (or even your patio). You don’t even have to take your pajamas off. You don’t have a raging boss breathing down your neck.

You can tell potential employers that you do or do not want to work for them. You work as much or as little as you want.

You work when you want – anytime night or day. Take a break and go on a walk or have coffee with a friend. Spend more time with your pets and family members.

How does writing online from home work? 

You’ll make $30 – $120 per hour. No exaggeration.

You typically get paid by the total project (for 4 monthly blogs, for example).

It goes like this:

  1. Research opportunities
  2. E-mail the hiring manager
  3. Get assigned a project
  4. Submit your work
  5. Get paid

The faster you write (while still offering good quality), the more you make.

Why use Writing Jobs Online? 

Finding online writing clients when you first start out is an arduous task. Difficult – to say the least.

They want to see your samples. Those samples must be in the company’s niche. If you don’t have any, it could be up to a year before you break in with companies.

Because, they like working with “known quantities.” They don’t want to take the time to train someone new.

And it costs a chunk of money to build your marketing system too.

But with the Writing Jobs Online system, you start with companies who only need basic info.

So you don’t have to show them a massive portfolio of your greatest works. You simply need to show you have writing skill.

It works better if you have an interest or experience in the company’s niche. And then you move up to more challenging projects as you grow in skill (but only if you want to).

But you don’t need any experience to start. Just desire. And willingness to take action.

Get your 7-Day trial membership

Your membership includes access to thousands of good-paying writing jobs. So you’re sure to find a match fairly fast.

Then you can grow your portfolio and career from there. Eventually, you could make more than six figures. If nothing else, it’s a great escape from a dead-end job.

Writing Jobs Online charges you just $27 per month for membership. Other writer marketplaces take a 20-30% cut of your earnings!

With Writing Jobs Online, you only pay the membership fee. That’s it. No more. You get 100% of the amount you agree to with each company.

You’re paid fast twice monthly – on the 15th and last day. You get paid by Paypal, check, or ATM.

For the struggling social anxiety sufferer with a knack for writing, Writing Jobs Online makes perfect sense. Work from home in comfort. Enjoy more time with friends and family. Experience less stress anxiety.

You regularly pay $27 per month for membership. But until February 11 only, try the 7-day trial for a measly buck:

Start 7-Day Trial For Just $1

A 60-day 100% money-back guarantee protects you

Start 7-Day Trial For Just $1

A 60-day 100% money-back guarantee protects you

  • Choose from 1000s of different daily jobs
  • $8,000,000 paid to writers so far
  • Work with big-name companies like The Motley Fool, Wall Street Journal, MSN, Fox, USA Today,, MapQuest, and many others
  • Write web sites, blog posts, e-books, reports, entire websites, and more
  • Available in 150+ countries

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