Products that send your anxiety away and help you relax and gain serenity

Yeah. So these products make for potent anxiety-reducing weapons to have in your arsenal. You might think they’re complete BS. That’s cool. I respect your stance.

…But they’re helpful when you’re ready. Think of it as investing yourself. I’m meticulous in how I spend my own money (just ask my wife), so I only list the best products available. And besides, almost all offer a free trial or have a refund period anyway (so there’s no risk).

Check ’em out:

Panic Away helps you end panic and anxiety attacks

panic-away-instant-accessDo you get overwhelming panic attacks? You feel them coming. You’re afraid. You know you can’t stop them. They hit you anyway. Again and again. That’s where Panic Away saves the day.

It also works for long-term, constant anxiety. But it really shines with helping you overcome specific episodes – stopping them before they start.

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The Journal software lets you keep a secure, private journal on your PC so you can reduce your anxiety and grow

the-journal-7-imageSomething about seeing your anxious thoughts on a screen reduces the stranglehold they have over you.

They don’t seem so threatening. In fact, they sometimes look funny. No joke.

The Journal, by DavidRM Software, does waaaaaaaaaaay more than Word. And it has lock-down tight security that puts Fort Knox to shame. So what you write stays secret.

It’s so stable it’ll be the last journal software you ever need. You can back up to the cloud so you never lose your info.

Yeah, you can absolutely send your anxiety running away with The Journal.

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Writing Jobs Online helps you make $30 – $120 per hour from your own home – no experience necessary

writing-jobs-online-logoAt first, this headline sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. I’ve been writing online for clients for five years now. And I love every minute of it.

Businesses don’t look for fancy degrees. They want to see experience or an interest in their niche. If you have that, and decent writing skills, you can earn $30 – $120 per hour immediately.

Plus, you’ll work from home. Set your own hours. Work as much or as little as you want. And work only with clients you like…

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