The Lefkoe Method permanently removes negative limiting beliefs that cause social anxiety…in about 20 minutes (and independent university research proves it)

Most products that promise you freedom from anxiety really only help you cope with it. If you struggle with sweaty palms, shaky limbs, and a stammering voice in public, you learn techniques for reducing your discomfort.

But what about all the beliefs you have which feed those symptoms in the first place?

What if you could eliminate those useless and unwanted beliefs that drive your actions?

Your own limiting negative beliefs hold you back from happiness and  confidence

Deep down, you really think,”I’m  not good enough.” You feel less than others.

That’s why you don’t talk to them. You don’t speak up at work. You avoid initiating friendships and relationships. You decide not to fill out your job application.

If you felt equal, you’d have no problem thriving in social situations. You’d go for the job. You might not be a member of the social elite or a business billionaire.

But you’d be calm. Comfortable. Yourself. You’ll have fun in social situations. You’d enjoy your career.

The truth is you’re equal to everyone else. Maybe you already know that, but you can’t get yourself to believe it in the moment.

The Lefkoe Method gives you lasting change so you can lead a happy and successful life

Achieving your goals isn’t about working harder. It’s about removing your self-imposed thoughts, attitudes, and feelings that block progress.

That’s where the Lefkoe Method comes in.

The inventor, Morty Lefkoe, didn’t feel good about himself. So, he bragged a lot. He tried to impress people.

He felt he needed a woman in his life to feel worthwhile. He tried to make Virginia, his first wife, dependent on him. He made the same mistake with his second wife, Arlene. He tried several careers at self-employment…and failed with each.

Books. Group therapy. Weekend workshops. None made a difference for Morty. Happiness eluded him wherever he went.

At 45, he discovered a method for removing the beliefs holding him back. And his life completely turned around.

He enjoyed a 32-year marriage. The anxiety and depression that ran his life has disappeared. He built a successful business doing what he leaves – helping people improve their lives.

Does the Lefkoe Method really work?

It’s the only personal development program independently tested and verified by university research to work. Two studies have found significant concrete results in Lefkoe Method users.

The first found the Lefkoe Method:

  • Eliminates the fear of public speaking
  • Reduces stress by 51%
  • Raises self-esteem
  • And does all these things for a long, long time

You can read the full study here (originally published in the Journal of Psychotherapy Research).

Another study led by Dr. Lee Sechrest, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, found the same striking reduction in fear of public speaking.

To get the results, his team assigned 37 people into two groups. Group 1 did 3.3 hours of work with a Certified Lefkoe Method facilitator. Group 2 attended Toastmasters (a group for practicing public speaking) meetings regularly.

At the end of the study, the first group reported a reduction in fear from an average of 7 (10 being “extreme” fear) to 1.5. The second group reported no significant change. The second group also got Lefkoe Method training following completion of the study.

Six months later, both groups were tested. And both reported no fear of public speaking. They had completely lost their fear of public speaking.

The results were published in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Now, more than 150,000 people in 127 countries have used the Lefkoe Method to eliminate limiting beliefs and live fulfilling lives they love.

Will you be the next?

Order Sessions and Stop Fear From Holding You Back Today

Order Sessions and Stop Fear From Holding You Back Today

Yeah, Morty Lefkoe sports a goofy-lookin’ fro. But his technique works.

Do any of these limiting beliefs hold you back in life?

  • “Mistakes and failure are bad”
  • “If I make a mistake, I’ll be rejected”
  • “I’m not capable”
  • “I’m not competent”
  • “I’m stupid”
  • “I’m a failure”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m no good at all”
  • “What makes me good enough is how well people think of me”
  • “Doing things perfectly makes me a worthwhile person”


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