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Social Anxiety Disorder

Do any of the following describe you?

  • At social gatherings, you feel like you are on the outside of the group and looking in. You see other people talking, interacting, and making friends and wonder how they do it. Most of the time, you find yourself standing in the corner, afraid and unsure what to do next. See How to Develop Social Connections for tips on successfully developing social connections.
  • You are the "3rd wheel." You are either a) the chronically single friend or b) the uncle or older friend who just never seemed to get it together and find a partner. Find the solution in How to Get out of the Rut of Being Single.
  • At family gatherings, people ask you questions that make you feel very awkward such as "When are you going to find a boyfriend/girlfriend?" or "When are you going to find a decent job?" How to Explain Social Anxiety Disorder to Friends and Family for the answer.
  • Most of your Friday and Saturday nights are spent at home alone. Instead of putting yourself out there, you stay home and wonder what is "wrong" with you. Read Supportive Friends for tips on developing healthy friendships.
  • You have difficulty finding enjoyable and meaningful employment. What others seem to do at work with ease causes you great fear and difficulty. Having a stable and successful career is something that seems far away. Find the solution in Work Anxiety.
  • You have what some call a "co-dependent" personality. Co dependent personality disorder is a psychological condition that is not recognized officially, therefore definitions can vary. However, it generally involves valuing what others think of you more than what you think of yourself, and taking on too much responsibility for the actions and feelings of others.
  • You struggle with drugs or alcohol. This isn't true for every social anxiety sufferer, but many are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. If you're concerned with your use of drugs and alcohol, go here for more Drug Rehab and Addiction Information.

The good news that I have for you is that none of these obstacles are your fault. You are the sum of experiences that were outside of your control, and nobody in your life prepared you with the skills necessary to overcome these obstacles. It's not anyone else's fault either - they were doing their best to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in life, but unfortunately, they lacked the skills to work with a person like you. However, not that you are aware that you do face a challenge in life called anxiety, it is your responsibility! The solutions to all of these seemingly insurmountable difficulties exist right here at Anxiety Support Network. I promise you that if you follow the information contained in these articles, that you will find everything you need in life - friends, a partner, family, and stable and enjoyable employment!

This all sounds like great marketing, and intelligent people will logically ask,"What qualifies you to tell other people how to deal with social anxiety?"

In one sentence, this is my story: I went from having few friends, playing video games on Friday and Saturday nights, chronic single-hood, unstable employment, depression, and panic attacks in unfamiliar group situations to being happily married, consistently in a good mood and feeling confident about myself, having a handful of great friends, and stable and fulfilling employment!

While this site was designed with a focus on social anxiety disorder, the general principles for dealing with social anxiety disorder apply to any anxiety disorder.

The main paradigms of this site include:

  • Spirituality Learn how God helps you to work towards your greater good.
  • Living Independently Learn to take command of your life and make your own decisions.
  • Fearlessness Learn how to be completely fearless in your approach to anxiety.
  • Action The only way to get better is by taking action.
  • Gentleness Learn how to be gentle to yourself to promote your own emotional health.
  • Support Everyone is supportive of one another.
  • Empowerment Learn how to make good decisions with your newly-acquired knowledge.

The areas of your life that will improve include:

  • Mental Wellness The extreme worry you used to experience will disappear.
  • Friendship Learn how to make friends that are kind and supportive.
  • Romantic Relationships Learn how to find and form a healthy romantic relationship.
  • Career Find a fulfilling career that suits your personality.
  • Health You will notice that your health may improve because of reduced anxiety.
  • Respect People will notice the changes in you and give you respect.

Where to Start

This site contains 140 articles with regular updates made, a blog updated several times per week, and a forum where other users and I are available to help you with your questions. You can start anywhere you would like because anything that you find will add some value to your life. If you like what you are reading, be sure also to bookmark this page and check back for regular updates!

  1. Where to start An awesome spot to start on this site is with the article The Anxiety Bible. This article is an excellent beginner's guide to recovering from social anxiety disorder and serves well as the groundwork that you might use to begin anxiety recovery. Fitting with the theme of the site in pushing people towards action as a means of recovery, the article shows you exactly what actions you can begin taking today in order to start getting better.

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