FAQs – Simple Answers to Tough Questions

Do you do interviews?

Yes. Can’t promise I’ll do yours. But if you’d like to do one, please use the site’s contact form and include:

  1. The topic
  2. Type of media (blog post, podcast, radio, newspaper, magazine)
  3. Approximate length
  4. Where you’ll publish it (happy to help you promote)
  5. Estimated audience size (metric of your choice is fine)
  6. Deadline, if applicable
  7. How I can best prepare
  8. Your contact info

Will you speak at my conference? 

Maybe. We’ll have to chat about it. Use this website’s contact form to let me know.

Do you run advertisements?

Nope. My fear is advertisers want to change my message to support their products. Recovery from anxiety works a certain way. I don’t want frequent advertisements to confuse how that works.

Is this site only for social anxiety sufferers? 

No. That’s the focus. For now, at least. However, the information offered will help you relieve any anxiety disorder and find serenity and freedom.


I have a friend or family member with social anxiety. Should I use this site?

You bet. This site is perfect to gain insights on how you can help your loved ones.

You can’t fix them. They have to want to help themselves. This site shows you how you can be a part of the solution, rather than feeding their problem.

Do you accept guest posts? 

Maybe. I’m meticulous about what goes on this site. It can’t be any old junk designed to get you sales, SEO juice, or email subscribers.

Personal stories are best. You better be at least a decent writer. You’ll have to study the current posts to get a feel for style and tone.

Can I link to your site/post? 

You bet. Link away. No need even to ask. I won’t do reciprocal link requests. If I like your stuff, I’ll find it and link to it.

How long has Anxiety Support Network been online? 

Since November 2008. That’s a long time for a small website like this.

Will you review my product? 

Probably not. I only accept the top products that help social anxiety sufferers let go of their anxiety and gain happiness, serenity, confidence, and freedom.

Most products (of any kind) are junk. I’ll need a free sample to evaluate for my audience. And if you pass that stringent test, your product has a chance (well, a small one anyway).

Will you eventually create your own products or courses, Dan? 

Yes. I think so. For now, the focus rests in getting the word out about the help and recovery available at Anxiety Support Network.

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