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Do You Want “Comfort” or Recovery from Social Anxiety Disorder?

How do you know if you will get better from social anxiety disorder? Consistent action predicts success with the greatest accuracy. “Action takers” win the day. “Excuse makers” roll around in their social anxiety. They even get worse. The word “comfort” gets quotes because it really only appears comfortable. It’s actually horrifically painful. Check out this

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How to Control Social Anxiety (Even If You Think You Can’t)

Know how many years I’ve been trying to control social anxiety? Around 30. And I’m 34 now. “Control” doesn’t work. I tried every which way to control social anxiety. Medication. Alcohol. Exercise. Not thinking about it. Video games. TV. Work. Avoiding the situation. Confronting it. Online forums. Counseling. Therapy. All temporary solutions. They helped. But

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Enormous Win in Anxiety-Provoking Group Situations (And How It Happened)

Last week, I went to a professional networking event..and I had a great time! Now, ask me about networking a week before, and I’d have told you I hated it. “What a complete waste of time those damn events are,” you’d hear. In fact, just a couple weeks prior, I went to a different networking

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