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Goodbye Terrifying Anxiety, Hello Rewarding Life

How’s your anxiety been treating you? Has your life changed in the past six years? Mine? Well…quite a bit. First, I got married. Yes. Despite my anxiety, a girl said “yes.” Her name’s Rebekah, or “Bekah.” We actually met online at a now-defunct website. In fact, we almost didn’t meet. She sent a message. I […]

The Toxic Effects of Isolation

Isolation is typically familiar territory for those suffering from social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. The drawbacks of isolation include increased anxiety, depression if the isolation continues over the long term, low self-esteem, and perhaps suicide, in the extreme case. It is not necessary to go into further detail as to what the drawbacks of […]

How to Explain Social Anxiety Disorder to Friends and Family

Explaining your struggles with social anxiety disorder to family or friends is a difficult, and often times impossible task. As with anything there are more effective ways than others to explain the condition so that the other person understands. I have decided to create a step-by-step checklist of things to do which may increase the […]