Accepting Help

If there is one tool that one is going to use in order to recover from anxiety, this should be it. A popular cliche says “no one got where they were alone,” and this is exactly true. If anyone is going to go anywhere in life, they will only do so with the help of others. The American tradition praises the man who goes it alone and succeeds against all odds by himself. This tradition is very attractive to people and seems cool, but in reality it does not work. From an entertainment perspective, the concept of one who can go it alone and do everything is very entertaining and fun to idealize, however, the surest way for one to ensure his or her own failure in life is to try to go it alone, and this applies to all struggles in life, but particularly to anxiety. All of the great sports stars, world leaders, and anyone else who has managed to do well in life have had the help of at least one other mentor, if not many others, who showed them the way and helped them through the tough times.

No one, repeat, no one can completely go it alone in terms of anxiety recovery. Every person who is recovering from anxiety is in need of help from other people and a probably a professional too. If one chooses to go his or her own route and not enlist the help of a professional, this is okay. However, professionals can be much more helpful because they have a very broad base of experience from which to draw upon and obstacles that baffle one’s friends and family are just another bump in the road for a professional.

Accepting the help, whatever its source may be, is the key in life. People who refuse to accept the help that they need in life are holding themselves back from their full potential; instead of leading extraordinarily wonderful and happy lives, they live mediocre lives. Not accepting help can be even more disastrous than that in many cases; for many it may mean that they end up committing suicide or live alone without any friends or family for their entire lives.

For whatever reason, accepting the help offered to one in life is very difficult; it seems to be just the way that people work. It is very difficult and takes a large amount of courage for one to admit that he or she cannot do it alone and instead needs the help of another person. In reality, it is perfectly okay and even very beneficial to enlist the help of others. Society tells people differently; people who enlist counseling, therapy, or the help of psychology are looked at as failures or basket cases who are unable to lead the normal lives that everyone else leads. The fact that people who ask for help are treated differently simply stems from the fact that these people choose to live their lives differently than most people. For whatever reason, differences are always looked at with suspicion and usually pessimism.

American society is very deeply ingrained with the belief that anyone who works hard enough in life will succeed on their own, and those who cannot succeed on their own are miserable failures because America is the richest nation in history and has the highest living standard in the world. This may be true when speaking in an economic sense. A person can start his or her own business and build an empire much like the monopolies created by Rockefeller and Carnegie around the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And, in most cases, a single person can start his or her own career and do quite well in life, making enough money to own a house and a car and some other nice toys that people may prize.

However, speaking in terms of the emotional realm, including anxiety, this strategy does not work. Emotionally speaking, humans are interdependent on other humans for their emotional needs. A great way to drive people insane is to isolate them from others emotionally, and emotional isolation can occur even when one lives in the same physical space with other people. People need people to talk to; people need people to help them through the struggles of life. People need specific types of help because there are millions of different situations that exist and certain people have expertise in different areas. Life is an interconnected web – there is no doubt about that.

So, the best thing that one can do to ensure his or her emotional sanity is to enlist the help of others, including professionals (see Why Counseling for further guidance on this issue) if one feels that could be beneficial (hint: it’s almost always beneficial). The more help and support has, the better off one is. It may be a big blow to one�s pride to ask others for help, but it is the smartest move that one can make. So, upon reading this article, the reader should sit back and consider what types of help could be enlisted to help his or her life today. Hurry up! Time is wasting!