Inadequate. Unworthy. Alone. Afraid.

Those five words describe how I felt most of my life.

Much of it was spent on the outside of others. Everyone else had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

I didn’t even know how this happened.

Seemed like I couldn’t do anything right for authority figures.

Performing to my full capability in public? Not a chance.

Bosses laughed at my mistakes. Got fired from my first two jobs. I couldn’t even understand why people worked jobs because of the misery they caused me.

Sound familiar?

Great. That means you’re in the right place. Fast forward a few years, and I’m now happily married, have two dogs, own a house, and enjoy my work.

It’s not a blissful paradise. I still have problems. But I’ve now got a measure of serenity, joy, and happiness I never had before.

And life keeps getting better every day.

How’d it happen?

It wasn’t easy.

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