Let’s transform your social anxiety into positive energy, shall we?

Notice you don’t find a lame mission or vision statement here. Goodness! No one reads those stupid things…

No. You’re here because you want to know the purpose of Anxiety Support Network.

It’s all about making positive and permanent transformations. Ones that lead to more serenity, happiness, peace, and confidence.

Because in my travels both online and off, social anxiety sufferers get caught in negativity. They roll around in their social anxiety.

So, it makes sense to have a place where you get inspiration, hope, and confidence you can lead a happy and satisfying life.

You can. Anyone can.

And you get that by following these 9 core virtues :

1. When in Doubt, Act

Social anxiety says,”Stand still. Don’t do anything. Others will notice. You’ll look like a stupid failure.” So, to get out of that thinking, you gotta do the opposite.

Always take action. That relieves social anxiety.

2. Balance the Problem with the Solution

In my ventures in anxiety forums, most seemed caught in the problem. “I’m too ugly.” “This person doesn’t like me.” “I hate myself.” “I’m too afraid.”

It’s okay to discuss the problem. But you can’t stop there. To succeed and relieve anxiety, you have to identify the solution.

What can you do to relieve your social anxiety?

3. Success Happens Together

Some may recover from social anxiety on their own (which I doubt). I couldn’t.

You may make some progress by yourself. But you’ll get better at warp speed with the help of others.

Share your journey openly here. Your wins. Your mistakes. Even setbacks…everything.

4. Never Judge Others (Or Yourself)

You’re simply not allowed to judge others here. That includes yourself.

A safe environment where recovery from social anxiety takes place only happens in places free of judgment.

You can have opinions and differences.

But you can’t judge others as “bad” or “good” no matter how off-the-wall they seem. It doesn’t help them. It doesn’t help you, either.

You may get a warning. But you won’t last long around here with a judgmental attitude.

Judging yourself? Share that with others. That’s how you let that thinking go and replace it with thoughts that make your life happy and fulfilling.

5. Talk About It

Social anxiety tells you,”Others will criticize or judge you. Don’t talk about that with others.” Of course, you’ve learned from your life’s experiences that some people tell you that outright.

Avoid those people. They’re not helpful to you.

…But do talk about your social anxiety struggles with those who identify, understand, and make you feel comfortable with the challenges social anxiety presents.

It drains social anxiety’s power.

6. Life Gets Better

It’s easy to think life comes to a standstill at times. Sometimes, it even seems as though you’ve made no progress on your social anxiety at all.

That’s a lie. Your mind goes there occasionally (mine does). But the truth is, if you look back on your life from years ago, you’ve made significant progress.

And if you haven’t made as much as you want, you may have other barriers in place you’re not aware of.

Or, get opinions from others you trust. You may have may more progress you didn’t realize.

7. Courage Wins the Day

Either Mark Twain or an anonymous source once said:

Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it.

Great quote no matter who said it!

You’re not expected to feel brave and confident…especially when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

But it does take courage to take actions that scare you. In fact, that’s true for everyone – even those without social anxiety.

The difference between you and I, and people without social anxiety, is the intensity of your fear. We experience it to a greater degree than others (on average).

8. Stay True to Yourself

As you recover from social anxiety, you’ll change. Who will you change into?

I can’t say. Neither can you.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll change into somebody you don’t like. In fact, much the contrary, you’ll like yourself even more.

Most importantly, you have to be you. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand whether certain behaviors, feelings, and attitudes are in fact “you.”

Don’t worry. You’ll figure that out as you go along.

Life is a constant process of change. It simply means you’re on the right track.

9. Mistakes Are 100% Okay

Every socially anxious person, including myself, hates making perceived “mistakes” in social situations.

At Anxiety Support Network, that’s not a problem. No matter how foolish or embarrassing the mistake seems to you.

Just talk about it. In many cases, you’re the only one who even notices the mistake. In others, no mistake was made at all.

And finally, you only learn from your mistakes by talking about them, getting thoughts from others who understand and care, and trying something new next time.

10. Winners Take Responsibility the Right Way

“Taking responsibility” simply means you do everything in your control to improve your situation. That doesn’t mean you take responsibility for outcomes (which aren’t under your control anyway).

Regardless of what others do, even if they’re 90% at fault, it’s up to you and I to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

It’s not so important you have certain thoughts and emotions. What counts is what you choose to do with them. Do you use them as a reason to isolate from others and beat yourself up with embarrassment and shame?

Or, do you say,”Well, that person was completely unreasonable with their anger. I feel ashamed about it even though I shouldn’t. But that’s okay. These feelings will pass. Things will get better.”

It’s hard to do the second at all times. But you’ll see a great improvement in your social anxiety when you have it.

So Anxiety Support Network is your virtual hub for discussing how anxiety affects you, finding the support you need, and then taking action and letting anxiety out of your life.

You’ll feel better. Happier. Serene. Confident. You’ll make friends. Find fulfilling work.

Yeah! I’m not exaggerating.

Sometimes these things happen quickly. Others, slowly.

But they always materialize if you take action.

So jump right in and begin your journey to freedom at –


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