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Does social anxiety run your life?

You want to make more friends. But you’re too afraid to even speak.

You want a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. But just the thought of contacting a stranger, even through an online dating service, nearly causes you a panic attack.

In fact, you get afraid just being alone in public. Forget about talking to people – that’s impossible!

And holding down a job with lots of other people?

Coworkers disapprove. Your boss breathes down your neck. Who else might try to personally attack you?

That’s too stressful.

Even simple things…like a frown. Raised eyebrows. Wide eyes. Or signing your name while others watch. Or starting a conversation. Or politely saying “no” to the waiter.

Heck, even eating in public’s tough. You can just feel everyone’s eyes all over you.

You constantly feel evaluated.

And despite knowing fully that you don’t want to be anxious, and that it’s no good for you, you find yourself isolated and alone because of it.

You see it coming. Want to stop it. It runs you over time and again anyway.

And you’ve tried everything. Prescription medications. Exercise. Talking about it. Confronting it. Counseling. Therapy. Psychiatry.

It all helps. But only temporarily.

Yet you feel like you’re just where you started. Even after years of trying.

Worse yet, others seem to have everything you want. And it comes to them easily.

A great job. Friends. Happiness. Confidence. Joy. Freedom. And as they get each milestone, you hate yourself even more.

Parents and friends wonder why you can’t “just be more like so-and-so.” Why don’t you just do it?

Everyone else can. But they don’t know it’s 100 times harder for you. And you’d gladly approach romantic interests, pursue jobs, and make friends…if you could.

But something’s paralyzing you. And you can’t stop it.

What’s “wrong” with you?

I understand because I’ve been through that hell too!

At my worst, I was suicidal. What was the point of living if things would always end up going wrong anyway?

I’d always felt like a fraud.

It was only a matter of time before I got fired. Or lost the woman.

I can remember spending countless Fridays and Saturdays alone. I’d play video games online night and day (in the early 2000s before it was cool).

A fulfilling relationship seemed like a distant afterthought. That could never happen to me!

Work? Forget it. I got fired from my first two real jobs. Really a blessing because I was miserable anyway.

Today, that’s all behind me.

Yeah, I have social anxiety. But it doesn’t run my life.

I’m happily married (7 years). Have two dogs. Own a home. Love my work. Looking forward to the future (instead of dreading it).

I’m happy. Peaceful. Serene. Fun to be around. Have solid friends. Love my work. Enjoy the day. And feel confident about the future.

So this website’s about how this happened. Because millions of people suffer from social anxiety. It ruins their lives. And they don’t want it to.

You can do it. You can overcome anxiety. You can live a serene, joyous, and connected life filled with confidence.

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